john biggins
Graphic designer

John Biggins has been operating as a graphic designer since 1999. Specialising in producing stylish, user-friendly websites for the creative community, aerta boasts over sixty clients, and in addition to comprehensive web design, provides print design, photography and copywriting services.

Clients include...

Large organisations

Forensic Therapies Limited
National Academy for Parenting Practitioners
The British Council, France
The United Nations Catering, New York
UK Neighbourhood Watch Trust
Brutus Productions, California, US
High Top Publishing, California, US >
Harper Collins, Australia

Cultural organisations

Cratoule Singing Course
Writing Matters
Writing in Greece 
Campbell Young – wigs & makeup, Bristol & New York 
The Piano School, Cardiff 
The Stage School, Cardiff 
The Dance School, Cardiff 
Unexpected Opera, London
Australian Writers Mentoring Program 
Theatre Tots, Cardiff 
High Top Publishing, USA 
Britpack Theatre, New York
Clwyd Theatr Cymru 
Collegium Musicum of London Chamber Choir 
Court Theatre, Chicago
Dance Wales
EastFeast, Suffolk 
Gold Dust Writers’ Mentoring 
Landsberg Promotions
Made In Wales Theatre Company
Music Theatre Wales
Pentabus Theatre
Sherman Theatre, Cardiff
Spectacle Theatre
St Donats Arts Centre
Wonderful Beast Theatre Company


Greg Morris – organist & conductor
Jack Wild – actor & singer 
Phylip Harries – actor
Michael Bogdanov – Theatre Director
Sarahbe Yoga
Mike James – writer
Sarah Boiling
Natasha Seale – singer
George Jerjian – writer
Luke Sorba, writer and performer
Gerard Macdonald – writer
Steve Davis – theatre practitioner 
Lizzie Thynne – filmmaker 
Gill Landsberg – psychotherapist 
Michele Nayman – writer 
Liz Rettig – writer 
John Harvey – writer 
Fraser Southey – copywriter
Louise Katz – writer
Robert Greenfield – writer and interior designer 
Christopher Edge- writer 
Jack Devon-writer
Carol Harvey – acting tutor
Sue Woolfe – writer 
Kathryn Heyman – writer 
Kate Pullinger – writer
Marion Urch – writer 
Joan Grant – writer 
William Shawcross – writer 
Marina Warner – writer and mythographer
Tim Baker – theatre director and writer 
Sheri Bankes – photographer
Rosanna Bankes – sculptor and trompe l’oeil artist
Russell Richardson – actor
Peter Owens – composer 
Cici Collins – assertiveness skills & life coaching
Clare Colvin – writer 
Barry Creasy – business consultant 
Jill Dawson – writer
Paul DeFreitas – casting director
Louise Doughty – writer 
Mike James – writer
Catherine Johnson – writer 
John Lahr – writer
Glyn Maxwell – poet  and playwright
Boston Teran – writer 
Gary Myatt – mural artist
Helen Pearson – actress
Caryl Phillips – writer
Renny Kuprinski – fight arranger 

Educational projects

Best Childcare, Leeds
London Metropolitan Network
EastFeast, Suffolk
Marlborough School
New Springwood Nursery, Leeds
Star of the Sea Primary School, Whitley Bay
St Clement and St James Primary School, London
St Matthew Academy, Blackheath


School of Frock, London
Writing Matters – copywriters
Campbell Young – wigs & makeup, Bristol & New York 
HERE café & wine bar, Berkhamsted
Danworth Associates 
Leeds Maintenance 
Allbright Cleaning Services, Surrey 
Arena Park Property Development, Burgundy, France
Atelier MiMi – Home Accessories, Bristol
Blue Planet Television – London
East Coast Cine – television services, Nova Scotia, Canada
Geronimo Inns
Glyn Peris Cottage – West Wales
HUB Architects, London
Home Knight Limited
Kingston Offices, London
KLB Communications, London
Knight Commercial Limited
Mas des Costes holiday accommodation, France
Phazeone Architectural Solutions – London
Professionally Speaking – Business Training, London
UK Doors Limited
Writing That Works – writing training, London
Weigh Out weight loss programme

louise doughty

carol harvey

high top publishing

sue woolfe - writer

phylip harries - actor

marion urch - writer

gary myatt - mural artist

manon eames - actor and writer

kate pullinger - writer

joan grant - writer

renny krupinkski - fight director

clare colvin - writer

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